” crêpes cusine… “

So today I went to Le Bateau Ivre, a Creperie Resturant in Le Pouliguen, France. I got to witness first hand how they are prepared and made fresh for the customers. First they have to make the mix, there is one Buckweat galette which is made from complete flour(picture below), a day before and kept refrigerated overnight and that’s for the savory Crepes. Then there is the sweet crepe made from flour, eggs, vanilla, Water and salt. This can be made just an hour before use.
The mixture is poured onto the special crepe hot plates using a “louche” it’s then smoothed out using a spatula over the whole surface of the hot plate. It takes about 6 seconds for the crepe to be ready, during this time it’s brushed with butter, filled with whatever your heart contends for sweet may it be the traditional beurre sucre (butter and sugar) or caramel, Nutella, chocolate and such creations as pear and chocolate or caramel and apple.
For the savory galette on the menu is various seafood varieties, pork and apple, ham and cheese and egg and or sausage just to name a few.
I also discovered there is more than one way to fold the crepe and that’s an art to itself, making sure it doesn’t stick to the customers plate is also a must.
I really enjoyed my time learning the art of Crepes and would like to thank all at Le Bateau Ivre for having me there to learn.







2 thoughts on “” crêpes cusine… “

  1. Hi Morgan :), glad your having fun, do they use that tiny little tool almost looks like a croquet mallet to push the crepe around the hot plate when freshly poured in….? They look amazing by the way xx

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